‘Better to err on side of caution’: Solon backs pandemic curbs

better to err on side of caution solon backs pandemic curbs

The government should ensure that the Covid-19 cases in the country stabilize to manageable levels before it begins to ease quarantine restrictions nationwide, the Deputy Speaker for Trade and Industry said on Tuesday.

Deputy Speaker Wes Gatchalian of Valenzuela said it is better to err on the side of caution in easing coronavirus quarantine restrictions rather than hastily ease coronavirus quarantine restrictions in the country.

While the country is poised to receive its supply of Covid-19 vaccines in the coming days,  he said,  the inoculation of the public does not necessarily guarantee immunity from the virus.

“We support the gradual reopening of businesses to revive our economy, but the safety of our people must always come first,” Gatchalian said.

The lawmaker, citing health experts, said the coronavirus has already mutated into several strains, as he noted that the Department of Health has confirmed 18 more cases of the highly contagious UK variant in the Philippines, bringing the total to 62.

“It is better to err on the side of caution because should another surge in cases occur, we might needlessly flood our almost in full-capacity hospitals to the detriment of the whole health-care system,” he pointed out.

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC), three variants of the virus that cause Covid-19 are currently circulating globally: the UK, South African, and Brazilian variants…

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