3 quality ASX 200 shares to buy and hold until at least 2030

If you’re looking to take advantage of compounding with buy and hold investments, then I think the three ASX 200 Stock Market listed below are worth considering.

I believe all three Stock Market are well-placed to grow their earnings at a solid rate over the next decade. This could ultimately lead to their Stock Market providing investors with very strong returns over the period.

Here’s why I like these ASX 200 Stock Market:

Cochlear Limited (ASX: COH)

I think that Cochlear would be a great option for investors. I continue to believe the hearing solutions company is among the best buy and hold options on the local share market. This is thanks to it being perfectly positioned for strong long term growth thanks to the ageing populations tailwind. By 2050 there are forecast to be 1.5 billion people over the aged of 65. This will be almost triple the number of over 65s in 2010. I expect this to underpin a sustained increase in demand for its cochlear implantable devices over the next few decades.

Collins Foods Ltd (ASX: CKF)

Another option to consider buying Collins Foods. It is one of the region’s largest quick service restaurant operators. It has 240 KFC stores in Australia and 41 KFC …

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Author: James Mickleboro

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