The solana network says it is seeing ‘intermittent instability’ – but its sol toke …

the solana network says it is seeing intermittent instability but its sol token is holding steady

Sumary of The solana network says it is seeing ‘intermittent instability’ – but its sol token is holding steady:

  • The network’s native sol token was holding steady despite the outage.
  • The solana blockchain crashed and some services were disrupted as a result on Tuesday, less than a week after its sol token hit record highs, according to an announcement on Twitter by the company.
  • The sol coin, which last week hit record highs in spite of a widespread sell-off in the cryptocurrency market, is the native token of the solana network.
  • On September 9, it hit a record above $200. This is a bump in the road for the network, as many investors have favored it over other altcoins.
  • Sol has gained around 250% over the last month, making it the top-performing major cryptocurrency, beating ether, which is up 2.5% and former market darling dogecoin, which has fallen 30% in this time.

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