Solana Restarts Mainnet, SOL Users Complain, Dev Says Network Stall Not Similar to ETH in 2016

solana restarts mainnet sol users complain dev says network stall not similar to eth in 2016

Sumary of Solana Restarts Mainnet, SOL Users Complain, Dev Says Network Stall Not Similar to ETH in 2016:

  • The blockchain network Solana had issues processing blocks on September 14 and according to a status report on September 15 at 2:01 a.
  • (EST), the Solana validator community “successfully completed a restart of Mainnet Beta.
  • ” Solana Validators Restart Mainnet Beta Solana is now a member of the club of blockchains that have stalled for several hours stopping people from sending SOL transactions, using decentralized apps (dapps), and troubling block explorers and wallets with significant issues.
  • During the early morning hours on Wednesday, following Solana’s block production stall on Tuesday, the “Solana Status” Twitter account gave the community an update.
  • The official Solana Twitter page also retweeted the Solana Status tweet.
  • “The Solana validator community successfully completed a restart of Mainnet Beta after an upgrade to 1.6.25,” Solana Status explained.
  • ” Despite the restart people still complained about errors stemming from two different block explorers.
  • Solana Users Ask for Compensation, Solana’s Use of Blockchain Questioned, Software Developer Explains Solana’s Bug Differences From Ethereum’s Issue in 2016 In response to the Solana Status report at 2:01 a.

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