‘Shooting with no limit’: Sudan protester deaths harden resolve against army

shooting with no limit sudan protester deaths harden resolve against army

Sumary of ‘Shooting with no limit’: Sudan protester deaths harden resolve against army:

  • “He was an unarmed youth, at the start of his life, and he was my support,” Abdelsalam said, speaking at his home in a humble district in Bahri, which adjoins the capital Khartoum.
  • Military leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan told the Financial Times this week that 10 protest deaths had been recorded, and were being investigated.
  • The deaths loom over an agreement reached this week to restore ousted Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok to office, hardening opinion against the security forces.
  • Protest organisers have vowed to escalate their demonstrations until the military is driven from power altogether, rejecting the deal to bring back Hamdok.
  • But it makes no mention of a 2019 commitment for military leader Burhan to hand over his role as head of a body called the Sovereign Council to a civilian ahead of elections in 2023. “Our young people died for a civilian and democratic government and this agreement is rejected by the Sudanese people,” said Abdelsalam.
  • ‘SHOOTING WITH NO LIMIT’ Witnesses and activists said the crackdown on protests became increasingly violent in the days leading to the deal with Hamdok.
  • As people poured into the streets after hearing of the coup, the neighbourhood had been “besieged by tear gas and then gunshots”, said Mido Abdelsalam’s aunt, Eman Anwar.

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