KICK.IO’s Token Will Be Available on ExMarkets LaunchPad, 15th September

kick ios token will be available on exmarkets launchpad 15th september

Sumary of KICK.IO’s Token Will Be Available on ExMarkets LaunchPad, 15th September:

  • sponsored As the $ADA bull market continues to gather steam – with new price records set each month – many within the Cardano community are asking, what’s next?
  • The limitless possibilities within the Cardano ecosystem offer many opportunities for both project creators and their investors.
  • The platform will ensure projects have access to the most advanced kickstarting and fundraising capabilities and help both retail and institutional investors to come together and pick the winners of tomorrow.
  • Following the overwhelmingly successful recent public sale of ADAX – this choice should not surprise anyone, since ExMarkets is increasingly becoming a household name within the Cardano community.
  • About KICK.IO Founded by a team of DeFi and traditional finance professionals, KICK.IO is a Cardano-based fundraising platform and a project accelerator.
  • KICK.IO provides decentralized crowdfunding services, full Cardano native tokens support, and a suite of advanced DeFi project kickstarting and endorsement capabilities.
  • KICK.IO is set to become an integral part of the Cardano ecosystem, a place where Cardano’s extensive community can come together to fund high-growth projects characterised by the immense potential for future success.
  • KICK.IO will ensure that both retail and institutional investors have priority access to the most promising projects that offer promising returns.

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