Ground Reports Concerning Salvadoran Bitcoin Law Highlight False Narrative Painted by Influencers

ground reports concerning salvadoran bitcoin law highlight false narrative painted by influencers

Sumary of Ground Reports Concerning Salvadoran Bitcoin Law Highlight False Narrative Painted by Influencers:

  • com News spoke with Marc Falzon, an individual who has been documenting the bitcoin rollout in El Salvador since the law was implemented on September 7. Falzon says that there are a number of issues that no one is talking about in regard to the bitcoin law and the Chivo wallet, a government-crafted bitcoin wallet.
  • One specific issue is the fact that Chivo wallet users cannot spend less than $5 when using the app.
  • Marc Falzon: Reporting on the Bitcoin Situation in El Salvador from the Ground On September 7, 2021, El Salvador implemented the bitcoin tender law and now both bitcoin (BTC) and the U.S. dollar are legal currencies in the country.
  • There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the rollout and one survey shows that a majority of Salvadorans were not content with the new law.
  • There was even a street protest and Salvadoran citizens took to the streets to object against the new law.
  • Marc Falzon recorded a protest on his drone and when he uploaded the recording to social media, a bitcoin influencer from El Salvador reposted the video and said it was misinformation.
  • What would happen if you were forced to us Bitcoin/LN to accept a purchase at your business, only for it get lost for over 5 days?
  • This video is proof of the failures here that are NOT solved by just “switching wallets.

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