Gold And Silver Face Strong Pressure As Short-Term Yields Rise

gold and silver face strong pressure as short term yields rise

Sumary of Gold And Silver Face Strong Pressure As Short-Term Yields Rise:

  • Recent earnings reports from several retailers highlighted supply chain problems.
  • The continued strength of Personal Spending at a time when supply chain problems hurt supply may lead to even higher prices and push Fed to react.
  • Higher rates serve as a bearish catalyst for gold and silver which pay no interest.
  • The recent upside move in the yield of 2-year Treasuries has put significant pressure on gold and silver.
  • Correspondingly, gold and silver ETFs have also found themselves under pressure.
  • SPDR Gold Trust made several attempts to settle below $166.50 while iShares Silver Trust tested the support at $21.70. Traders will likely stay focused on rising yields as they present a significant threat to gold and silver prices.
  • In case the yield of 2-year Treasuries continues its robust upside move, gold and silver will find themselves under more pressure.

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