GAIMIN Releases Platform to Create a Global Data Processing Network With “Supercomputer” Perform …

gaimin releases platform to create a global data processing network with supercomputer performance

Sumary of GAIMIN Releases Platform to Create a Global Data Processing Network With “Supercomputer” Performance:

  • A new UK-based technology platform designed to boost the world’s processing power using high-end gaming PCs has opened its platform to users.
  • GAIMIN utilises the unused processing power available from the GPUs of high-end gaming PCs to boost global processing power virtually, effectively creating a huge global supercomputer.
  • GAIMIN’s platform harnesses the “spare” processing capacity from gaming PCs creating a virtual source of interconnected, networked, data processing power that businesses and institutions can tap into.
  • GAIMIN currently uses this network of processing capacity to ‘power blockchain computations’, commonly known as mining.
  • Using AI, the GAIMIN platform selects the most profitable blockchain to power and returns 90% of the rewards back to users.
  • In the future, the GAIMIN data processing network will be utilised for more complex tasks such as video rendering and future vaccine sequencing, enabling businesses to run high-demand data processing tasks without major infrastructure changes.
  • GAIMIN compensates the gamer in its own cryptocurrency token – GMRX.
  • GMRX tokens can be withdrawn or more commonly spent in the GAIMIN Marketplace, on NFTs, gaming assets, accessories and merchandise.

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