Elon Musk’s Next Big Bet: Canada

elon musks next big bet canada

Elon Musk is betting big on Canada. After a successful beta test of one of his SpaceX services in New Brunswick, he’s getting ready to take the service mass market. Now, people in Canada and other select countries can sign up for the launch. In this article, I’ll be exploring this new service — and whether you can invest in it.

Starlink taking pre-orders

In recent articles, I’ve discussed Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet service, which had been tested in New Brunswick and British Columbia. The service ran a beta test in rural NB, which was later expanded to BC. The beta tests were successful. Participants generally viewed Starlink favourably; one IT consultant said it improved his ability to do business.

Inspired by the success of these tests, Musk has decided to give Starlink a regular release. This month, he started accepting pre-orders for the service. For Canadians, the service costs $129 per month on top of $649 in hardware costs. It’s definitely not the cheapest internet service out there. But for rural residents who can’t get fast speeds through their ISP, it may be the best available option.

You can’t invest in it

If you’re excited about buying Starlink stock, I have some bad news for you: the company isn’t public…

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