Falklands’ fishery exports to EU: small window opens but much negotiations still ahead

falklands fishery exports to eu small window opens but much negotiations still ahead

Sumary of Falklands’ fishery exports to EU: small window opens but much negotiations still ahead:

  • As 01 January 2021 an annual amount of 75,000 tons of Falklands squid (Patagonian squid) can be imported into the EU, for processing, with a 0% duty.
  • The agreement is back dated so the Falklands catch from the first season of 2021, currently in cold storage under customs bond in Spain, is included under the new terms, subject to rules governing the application process.
  • It is an important step for the Falklands following the imposition of Brexit tariffs.
  • The new deal between the UK and the EU (the Trade and Cooperation Agreement of 01 Jan 2021) only covered fishery products emanating from the UK. This development under ATQ regulations is the first that covers product from UK overseas territories.
  • However, the agreement is limited to product that is destined for ‘industrial processing’ within the EU. Most of our company’s production of Falklands squid is sold wholesale in primary processed form to the food service sector or as ‘refreshed product’ through supermarket fish counters.
  • Unfortunately the squid destined for sale through these main channels is not by covered by ATQ regulations which are designed to help meet fish consumption needs and support Union production of fishery products.

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