Voter support for more ambitious 2030 emissions cuts eases

voter support for more ambitious 2030 emissions cuts eases

Sumary of Voter support for more ambitious 2030 emissions cuts eases:

  • “Our target needs to stick close to those of comparable, resource-rich economies – the US has a target of 50 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030;
  • The Resolve Political Monitor surveyed 1606 people over six days to November 21 and asked the same questions about the 2030 target that had been put to voters in September and October.
  • The survey showed Australians are divided on phasing out coal, with 46 per cent backing calls to close coal-fired power stations within a decade, slightly down from 49 per cent when the same question was put to voters in September.
  • When voters were asked if Australia should phase out coal-fired power at a slower rate than the 2030 deadline, 35 per cent agreed and 30 per cent disagreed, similar to the response two months earlier.
  • The Glasgow summit included a statement from dozens of countries, but not Australia, to achieve a transition away from unabated coal power generation in the 2030s, or as soon as possible thereafter, for major economies and in the 2040s, or as soon as possible thereafter, globally.
  • While the Greens have called for an end to Australian coal exports by 2030, this argument did not gain majority support in the Resolve survey, with 38 per cent in favour compared to 40 per cent two months ago, a fall within the margin of error.

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