The stories of Australia’s unemployment crisis: ‘I noticed a decline the minute I turned …

the stories of australias unemployment crisis i noticed a decline the minute i turned 50

Sumary of The stories of Australia’s unemployment crisis: ‘I noticed a decline the minute I turned 50’:

  • Why millions are out of workThe government says the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 12 years, but economists say the reality is significantly higher than the official figure.
  • “To qualify for Centrelink payments, many job seekers are directed towards the government’s recruitment program, designed to help them get back into work.
  • Communications specialist Julia Austin believes her age is the main barrier to her finding work.
  • Julia Austin says the biggest barrier she’s experienced to finding work has been her age.
  • She’s required to apply for four jobs a month with the help of government recruitment agencies.
  • Read moreA government spokesperson told us they expect employment providers to “help job seekers get into work as contracted” and may sanction those that fail to meet this obligation.
  • If job seekers feel they are not getting the right help they should speak to their provider in the first instance or if they are not happy with the response, call the national customer service line, they said in a statement.
  • Julia currently receives $683 a fortnight from Centrelink, but it’s not enough to live on so she’s eating into her savings.

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