The Brisbane Olympics are a leap into an unknowable future

the brisbane olympics are a leap into an unknowable future

Sumary of The Brisbane Olympics are a leap into an unknowable future:

  • The first, most likely scripted, was Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s front row leap after Brisbane was awarded the right to host the 2032 Olympics.
  • An Oxford University study found the Olympics is the world’s most expensive mega event, with hosts’ sports-related costs averaging US$12 billion and non-sports-related costs usually several times greater.
  • Most games cost more than planned The researchers found that every Summer and Winter Olympics since 1960 has run “over budget, at an average of 172% in real terms, the highest overrun on record for any type of megaproject”.
  • Cost overruns at the Summer Olympics since 1976 Regression to the Tail: Why the Olympics Blow Up, Oxford University 2000 That average will climb after the staggering losses of Tokyo 2020-21. The Sydney Olympics may cast a nostalgic glow, but it didn’t produce the promised ongoing tourist bonanza or long-lasting infrastructure.
  • Some 17 years after the games NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian flirted with the idea of demolishing its purpose-built stadium.
  • Hosting the Olympics and Paralympics became such a loss-making proposition it severely reduced competition among bidding cities, leading the International Olympic Committee to award two games at once in 2017, handing the 2024 games to Paris and the 2028 games to Los Angeles.
  • With economic benefits from hosting games hard to find, backers and consultants point to “intangible benefits”, among them community spirit, civic pride, increased physical activity and volunteering, and better mental health, all claims made in the study conducted for the Brisbane games.
  • Leaner, cost-effective, practical: how the 2032 Brisbane Games could save the Olympics While sport is an important part of popular culture, a large part of the population abhors or is indifferent to it.

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