Seaspiracy prompts a deep dive into ASX aquaculture sustainability

seaspiracy prompts a deep dive into asx aquaculture sustainability

Sumary of Seaspiracy prompts a deep dive into ASX aquaculture sustainability:

  • This is disconcerting if you’re a shareholder in an ASX-listed aquaculture company, thinking it was an ethical investment..
  • And I’ll admit, the film made me jump back on the computer to have a look at what the salmon producer ‘sustainable’ initiatives really are..
  • Sustainability of our ASX salmon shares Getting to the point – there are three dominant ASX-listed players when it comes to salmon production in Australia and New Zealand..
  • NZK) The New Zealand-based King salmon producer is the smallest ASX-listed company on the list, with a market capitalisation of $195 million..
  • Yet, New Zealand King Salmon still has a whole section in its annual report dedicated to environmental sustainability..
  • The report found that improvements could be made in its feed conversion ratios (FCR) and reducing animal by-products in the Salmon feed..
  • Due to the unique nutritional needs of King salmon, the only way to decrease land animal proteins is to increase marine protein, which poses a conundrum..
  • HUO) Huon is the next largest ASX-listed salmon producer on the list, with a market capitalisation of $290 million..
  • Additionally, it is the only seafood producer participating in the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme, meeting detailed animal welfare standards….

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