‘Pinocchio of parliament’ lied for decades

pinocchio of parliament lied for decades

Sumary of ‘Pinocchio of parliament’ lied for decades:

  • Disgraced former West Australian MP Barry Urban has been sentenced to three years in prison for lying about his credentials, with a judge describing him as the “real-life Pinocchio of parliament”.
  • Urban, 52, eventually pleaded guilty to multiple forgeries, including faking university qualifications and falsely claiming to have investigated war crimes in Bosnia.
  • “You have been revealed as the antithesis of honesty and integrity,” WA District Court Judge Carmel Barbagallo said on Thursday.
  • ”Urban claimed to have a degree and certificate from both Leeds and Portsmouth University, then used those fake qualifications in his application for the WA Police Force.
  • Urban served with WA Police between 2005 until he resigned in 2012.He was elected to parliament in 2017.When the parliamentary committee tabled its report in May 2018, it made the unprecedented recommendation that Urban be expelled for committing a “gross and aggravated contempt of parliament”.
  • Judge Barbagallo noted Urban became emotional when he faced that committee.
  • ”When Urban quit parliament, he said: “This is a situation I regret and it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

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