Outsourcing claim reviews is causing problems for veterans: MPs

outsourcing claim reviews is causing problems for veterans mps

Sumary of Outsourcing claim reviews is causing problems for veterans: MPs:

  • A blowout in the use labour hire companies to fill gaps across the Australian public service has been blamed for contributing to the mental toll experienced by the nation’s war veterans.
  • Ahead of the start on Friday of the royal commission into defence and veteran suicide, a Senate committee found that 41 per cent of the staff of the Veterans Affairs Department were short-term labour hire workers with the agency falling well behind its own stated targets to help its clients.
  • A parliamentary committee has linked the mental toll faced by veterans to a blowout in times processing financial claims by the Veterans Affairs Department due to its reliance on labour hire companies.
  • Credit:Paul JeffersThe Senate committee examined the rise in labour hire and consultancies across the public service, plus issues surrounding IT and procurement policy.
  • It followed ongoing union and community complaints about the quality of the public service, which was put under a staff freeze in 2015.As a case study, the committee examined the Veterans Affairs Department, which currently has more than 320,000 clients with an increase since the end of Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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