IOOF to cull 140 advisers in next six to 12 months

ioof to cull 140 advisers in next six to 12 months

“We need to be really disciplined in which advisers do we chose to partner with,” he said. “Historically where we’ve supported or cross-subsidised advisers that are not economic or sustainable in their own right, this is not something we will continue to do going forward.”

IOOF’s adviser network is separated into three segments – professional services (Shadforth and Bridges), self-employed advisers and self-licensed advisers (IOOF Alliances).

The self-employed adviser network is made up of 893 advisers and contributes $14.4 million to the company’s gross margin, compared to the professional services segment that contributes $54 million from 292 advisers and IOOF Alliances that contributes $1.3 million from 83 advisers.

Mr Mota said the self-employed model “needs to be reinvented” to become more economically sustainable, and thus would be where the 140 advisers would be culled.

“It’s responsible for the vast bulk of our financial advisers yet represents a much smaller part of our gross margin from the segment,” he said. “This points to the sustainability challenge which cannot continue.”


Mr Mota said the company would seek out advisers who adhere to IOOF’s new governance standards and do not require additional funding from the company…

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