Harsh Sydney restrictions on the cards

harsh sydney restrictions on the cards

Sumary of Harsh Sydney restrictions on the cards:

  • Burnet Institute epidemiologist Professor Michael Toole said limiting travel, whether that be for 5km or 10km, would help reduce movement in Greater Sydney.
  • Sign upSouth Australia has introduced a 2.5km limit but Prof Toole said it was unclear whether this would be more effective as Burnet modelling only looked at restrictions put into place during Victoria’s second lockdown last year.
  • However, Prof Toole said it was important that authorities focus on increasing the level of compliance with stay-at-home orders.
  • He pointed to recent University of Sydney modelling measuring mobility up until July 13 that showed only 40 per cent of Sydney residents were staying home and reducing social interactions by one-tenth.
  • As an example, Director of the University of Sydney’s Centre for Complex Systems Professor Mikhail Prokopenko, who developed the modelling, told news.
  • Deakin University epidemiologist Professor Catherine Bennett told news.
  • While travel limits could help stop the virus leaking out of cities and into regional areas, Prof Bennett doesn’t believe they make much of A difference within cities.
  • University of NSW Professor Mary-Louise McLaws, who is an adviser to the World Health Organisation, said a curfew in hot spot areas of Sydney could be useful.

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