‘Fire, explosions, rockfalls are recurring — why?’: Mine safety expert warns against c …

fire explosions rockfalls are recurring why mine safety expert warns against complacency

Sumary of ‘Fire, explosions, rockfalls are recurring — why?’: Mine safety expert warns against complacency:

  • Two months after that, in January 2020, Goondiwindi man Donald Rabbitt died after being trapped under heavy machinery at the Coronado Curragh mine.
  • 43 safety resets this yearResources Minister Scott Stewart told state parliament today that “any loss of life on our mine sites is unacceptable”.
  • Just last week, Mr Stewart visited a mine near Cloncurry to highlight the state government’s mine safety reset.
  • ” The entrance of the Gregory Crinum open cut mine in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.
  • “Fire, explosions or falls of ground like today and the incident at Grosvenor are recurring and we don’t really understand why,” he said.
  • Sign up to the weekly ABC Capricornia email newsletterIs enough being done?
  • “Everybody — not just the workers but the people that organise, supervise, manage, provide the resources, funding, the levels of workers training — [has to] take responsibility for those activities to make sure they’re done properly, adequately,” Professor Stewart said.

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