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Easy 5 min ‘circuit breaker’ you need at work

Sumary of Easy 5 min ‘circuit breaker’ you need at work:

  • Picking up your phone in the middle of a work day may not normally be conducive to productivity, but the case can definitely be made for a quick 10-minute guided meditation…
  • In the past few years, mindfulness and meditation have proven much more than a trend thanks to their ability to reduce stress or anxiety, help promote sleep and even boost focus…
  • Although she believes there may be a few misconceptions and unrealistic expectations that need busting around these practices, Ms Read says they act as a great “circuit breaker”..
  • “It doesn’t mean you’re not doing it right, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it, it just means we’re human and perhaps it a greater invitation for us to use them as a respite in our hurried day-to-day life.”..
  • Founded by a former Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe and advertising executive Richard Pierson, the mission behind Headspace was to demystify meditation and make it accessible….

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