Why the Greenland Minerals (ASX:GGG) share price is rocketing 17% today

why the greenland minerals asxggg share price is rocketing 17 today

Sumary of Why the Greenland Minerals (ASX:GGG) share price is rocketing 17% today:

  • Home / Sector / Resources Shares / Why the Greenland Minerals (ASX:GGG) share price is rocketing 17% today The Greenland Minerals Ltd (ASX:.
  • This comes after the ASX rare earths share crashed 45% yesterday before entering a trading halt pending today announcement..
  • Greenland Minerals’ shares are soaring after the company released an announcement to calm investor fears about the recent election in Greenland..
  • Atop of rare earth elements – including neodymium, praseodymium, terbium and dysprosium – the company also had plans to recover uranium during its rare earths production at the project..
  • And the environmentally friendly party has pledged to stop the Kvanefjeld project amid concerns from locals about radioactive waste polluting the nearby farmland..
  • Greenland Minerals Ltd has operated its 100%‐owned Kvanefjeld rare earth project effectively under all successive Greenland governments since commencing operations in 2007..
  • The company said it has operated in strict accordance with Greenland Minerals Act and that the project was “shaped by extensive Greenland stakeholder engagement at a community and government level”..
  • It highlighted that uranium “is not of great economic significance to the Kvanefjeld Project, however revenues along with those from other by‐products would serve to reduce rare earth production costs”…

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