Altech soars on “game changing” lithium battery breakthrough

altech soars on game changing lithium battery breakthrough

Sumary of Altech soars on “game changing” lithium battery breakthrough:

  • Camera IconAltech Chemicals has used its coating technology to produce lithium-ion battery anode materials with a 30 per cent higher retention capacity than existing alternatives.
  • Credit: FileShare to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail UsCopy the LinkShares in Altech Chemicals soared by 50 per cent in intraday trading after the ASX-listed company delivered a breakthrough in utilising silicon in lithium-ion batteries.
  • Altech says it has broken through the “silicon barrier” by successfully applying its proprietary coating technology to produce a series of lithium-ion battery anode materials with a 30 per cent higher retention capacity than existing anode materials.
  • Altech says it has now successfully combined silicon particles, treated with its innovative technology, with regular battery grade graphite to produce a lithium-ion battery electrode containing a composite graphite-silicon anode.
  • When energised, Altech’s newly developed materials achieved 30 per cent more capacity than conventional graphite only anode material according to the company.
  • Altech’s graphite-silicone anodes also achieved good stability and cycling performance according to management.
  • To date, metallurgical silicon has not been suitable for use in lithium-ion batteries due to two major technological barriers.
  • Firstly, silicon expands by up to 300 per cent in volume during battery operation, causing ‘swelling’, fracturing and battery failure.

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