22yo’s huge risk after big pandemic loss

22yos huge risk after big pandemic loss

Sumary of 22yo’s huge risk after big pandemic loss:

  • For the founder of new, Australian swimwear label, Georgi Swimms, the timing of their relaunch feels eerily familiar.
  • ”Gradually, her partner helped her come to the realisation that she would either need to push on and risk her business closing down in a few months or close down, salvage what she could and restructure Georgi Swimms to ‘come back better’.
  • Instead I got a new full-time job and was able to kind of recoup the finances and reinvest,” she says.
  • While working on rebranding Georgi Swimms, Ms Thompson found another role working in retail and merchandise management for a large chain.
  • 18 months later, she’s relaunched her label, releasing a 12-piece collection, all made from recycled ocean plastics.
  • ”The balancing gameWhen it came to finding a full time job that could financially support her while working on Georgi Swimms, Ms Thompson says she wanted a role which wouldn’t ‘hinder her creative abilities’.
  • And although her gruelling work schedule can ‘be a juggle,’ her goal is to work on Georgi Swimms full-time.
  • My predominant work is at night and working afternoons, so it kind of gave me the ability to really use my mornings for Georgi Swimms and have structure,” she says.

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