2 ASX shares that won’t stay cheap: fund manager

2 asx shares that wont stay cheap fund manager

Sumary of 2 ASX shares that won’t stay cheap: fund manager:

  • Ask A Fund Manager The Motley Fool chats with fund managers so that you can get an insight into how the professionals think.
  • In this edition, Tribeca Investment Partners Alpha Plus portfolio manager Jun Bei Liu unveils 2 best ASX shares to buy now and why she regrets selling Xero.
  • I think it’s attractive because, yes, their share price had a bit of a rally post-result but, again, this is another reopening play that you would put into your portfolio.
  • Ramsay, obviously private hospitals, and elective surgery at the moment is being suspended — it’s having an earnings impact.
  • However, remember, this is infrastructure-like, private hospital assets.
  • It used to trade at such a big premium to the market, at a premium to the other healthcare businesses.
  • The rest of the healthcare sector trades at over 40. And this is a business, structurally, things are looking better, not looking at the pandemic.
  • Simply because if you look at the private health insurance membership, it started growing for the first time in decades.

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