O-RAN market set to rise along with 5G private networks

o ran market set to rise along with 5g private networks

Sumary of O-RAN market set to rise along with 5G private networks:

  • The emphasis on the security of industrial data in the vertical application market also indicates that the independent operation model of 5G private networks might become a mainstream option for businesses, Digitimes Research believes..
  • Meanwhile, Chinese enterprises’ interest in building their 5G private networks in cooperation with telecom operators is much higher than those in other mainstream markets, according to GSMA data..
  • A GSMA survey has found that about 46% of Chinese firms are likely to approach telecom operators for help to establish 5G private networks..
  • The tendency of Chinese firms might be because that Chinese telecom operators, the locomotive of its national economy, have more resources or influence to activate the deployments of 5G networks than those in other markets..
  • Additionally, concerns about the risks of having their sensitive data leak through third parties also undermine the interest of enterprises in different countries to utilize designated networks set up by telecom operators..
  • However, given the benefits of private networks that will help facilitate industrial transformation or economic growth, spectrum supervision agencies in many countries have released part of their 5G spectrums for enterprises to set up private networks….

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