Enabling circular economy for supply chain visibility: Interview with Dutch startup Circularise

enabling circular economy for supply chain visibility interview with dutch startup circularise

Sumary of Enabling circular economy for supply chain visibility: Interview with Dutch startup Circularise:

  • Circularise team members in front of their booth at the Greener Manufacturing Show 2021 Aimed to facilitate transparency and traceability across global supply chains to enable a shift to a circular economy, Dutch startup Circularise was established in 2016 to provide solutions based on blockchain technology to bridge the information gap.
  • “On the one side, you want to be transparent with the data to share this to downstream actors such as consumers, recovery actors or regulators, etc.
  • What would happen in that scenario, is that a downstream actor would post a question that they would like to ask, and the Circularise system would send a ping notification to all actors that had handled the digital twin.
  • “We provide the digital infrastructure for actors at different ends of the supply chain, and then they would receive a request asking do they have the data, yes or no?
  • So in this construct, we deal with the two sides of that coin of transparency and traceability,” explained Dr. Brown, stressing that answers are only provided with a range, not the specific material composition, so no trade secrets of customers will be compromised.
  • For example, if a recycler wants to know if the plastic includes flame retardant chemicals, companies on the supply chain would then give the answer yes, or no.
  • If it is “yes”, Circularise’s system would aggregate the data about the specific asset and provide a percentage range to the downstream actors.
  • And then the downstream actor receives aggregated answers and ranges, which can also be validated by 3rd party auditors or certification bodies on the Blockchain.

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