Kakao Brain to give Korean-language AI an upgrade

kakao brain to give korean language ai an upgrade

Sumary of Kakao Brain to give Korean-language AI an upgrade:

  • According to the AI company, it plans to enhance the deep learning process of KoGPT, Kako Brain’s Korean- language AI model, and make it 100 times more efficient by using Google Cloud’s supercomputer, Google Tensor Processing Unit.
  • Google TPU is a large-scale computing system that rapidly calculates and processes data.
  • It is the largest deep learning super computing infrastructure in the country that is capable of carrying out one quintillion calculations in a second, the company said.
  • “We will be launching a ‘vision AI model’ next year as well as upgrading AI models for other languages such as English and Thai,” a Kakao Brain official said.
  • Using the deep learning technology, vision AI models collect detailed information from the images.
  • Advanced models, for example, will be able to warn users walking down the street to watch out for a deep hole in the sidewalk.

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