Republicans hold back support to increase the US debt ceiling

republicans hold back support to increase the us debt ceiling

Sumary of Republicans hold back support to increase the US debt ceiling:

  • WASHINGTON • Republican leaders in Congress on Tuesday continued to withhold support for efforts by the Democratic majority to increase the US debt ceiling.
  • But Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Democrats will have to resolve the issue on their own.
  • “The Democratic leaders have every tool and procedure they need to handle the debt limit on a partisan basis, just like they are choosing to handle everything else,” Mr McConnell said on the Senate floor.
  • Congress is considering a US$1.2 trillion (S$1.6 trillion) infrastructure plan that has the backing of Democrats and some Republicans.
  • Mr McConnell objects to a “massive reckless tax and spending spree”.
  • “When it comes to spending,” he said, Democrats “have made a conscious decision: They don’t want Republican governing partners.
  • Democrats could wrap a debt ceiling increase into the spending package, allowing them to approve it without Republican votes, but their leaders have indicated they want a separate, bipartisan vote.
  • “When President (Donald) Trump was in office, Democrats stepped up on three separate occasions to work with Republicans to suspend the debt ceiling and continue to ensure that the US was able to pay its bills,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said.

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