Some of the listed stocks

some of the listed stocks

Sumary of Some of the listed stocks:

  • ALLIANCE Global Group Inc. (AGI) has been buying back its common shares.
  • 11, 2021 a total of 2,300,300 common shares, which AGI divided into 78,900 common shares at P10.38 per share;
  • The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) says it has 9,645,261,579 outstanding AGI common shares.
  • AGI’s public ownership report (POR) placed it at 9,650,045,579 outstanding AGI common shares.
  • 12, 2021: bought back 10,000 AGI common shares at P10.46 per share;
  • 12, 2021 totaled 1.535 million AGI common shares with AGI’s outstanding common shares reduced to 9,643,726,579 shares.
  • Tan, with ownerships of 4,585,419,194 common AGI shares (direct and indirect) out of directly held 68,688,182 common shares the directors owned as of July 15, 2021. As of said date, AGI’s directors combined for direct holdings of a total of 68,688,182 common shares, or 0.71 percent.
  • In addition, six companies are AGI’s affiliates, whose stocks, whether common or preferred shares, are not listed on the PSE, which says AGI has 9,645,261,579 outstanding common shares but has 10,109,827,979 listed common shares and 10,269,827,979 issued common shares.

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