Globe eyes attracting ‘digitally hesitant’ with new EasyHub kiosks

globe eyes attracting digitally hesitant with new easyhub kiosks

Sumary of Globe eyes attracting ‘digitally hesitant’ with new EasyHub kiosks:

  • “We’ve seen a market for this,” Globe Head of Retail Design and Portfolio Growth Mic Coson said in an interview on ANC’s “Headstart.
  • ” “It’s like buying online, buying through your Shopee, through your Lazada, but now we are putting it in a physical format wherein we are capturing the traditional mallgoers here in the Philippines.
  • ” “At the end of the day the Philippines is still a mall-centric culture so we want to combine the online and then the mall-centric culture in such a way that it will still be a liveable experience for the Filipinos,” he said.
  • But Coson said a large portion of the Philippine market remains “digitally hesitant,” and these are the ones they hope to attract with the EasyHub kiosks.
  • “There’s a big market of the Philippines that are digitally hesitant so we have to educate them, our customers that there is a platform that you can pay online.

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