Welcome, comrade: Chinese Communist Party recruits young scientists

welcome comrade chinese communist party recruits young scientists

Sumary of Welcome, comrade: Chinese Communist Party recruits young scientists:

  • BEIJING — At a Chinese Communist Party oath-taking ceremony in the capital held just before the party’s centennial, a group of proud young men and women in crisp white shirts swore to uphold the party’s principles.
  • The Communist Party is on a major drive to bolster its numbers in the country’s most exclusive club and is on pace to more than double its annual new members this year.
  • The party has welcomed 2.31 million new members between the beginning of the year and June 5. In all of last year, 2.43 million members were recruited.
  • Its membership as of June 5 stood at 95.15 million people, or roughly 7% of China’s 1.4 billion people, suggesting a highly competitive selection process.
  • With the party leading every aspect of life in China from politics to the economy, party members are considered part of the elite class.
  • Soon after Xi was inaugurated as the general secretary of the Communist Party, he complained in a Politburo meeting in January 2013 that the standards for party membership were not strict enough, and that the party must elevate the quality of new members.
  • Between that year and 2020, the party accepted between 1.9 million to 2.4 million members a year.

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