The world must stand by Southeast Asia in its fight against COVID

the world must stand by southeast asia in its fight against covid

Sumary of The world must stand by Southeast Asia in its fight against COVID:

  • Variants of COVID take root, the developed world needs to do more than hold its breath and hope Southeast Asia can once again fend off a conflagration in a region of some 675 million people..
  • In Myanmar, the military’s disastrous grab for power has pushed the economy back down on its knees and smashed the public health system, leaving it more vulnerable than ever..
  • In recent weeks, there have been welcome signs of the global ambition needed to accelerate vaccination programs in the developing world..
  • As the World Bank and IMF leadership have said, as much as $50 billion of financing is needed to achieve more equitable access for vaccines, tests and treatments..
  • Moreover, as it has been elsewhere in the world, the health crisis in Southeast Asia in 2020 was also an economic crisis..
  • Many Southeast Asian nations now need more than vaccines from the international community to recover lost growth….

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