The ‘nice’ Taliban delusion

the nice taliban delusion

Sumary of The ‘nice’ Taliban delusion:

  • Even more of a flight of fancy have been analyst score cards in recent weeks tallying winners and losers as the Taliban retook control of Afghanistan and named its all-male caretaker cabinet that includes one of FBI’s most wanted men, Sirajuddin Haqqani, as interior minister.
  • Armed with a letter of support from the then Afghanistan Minister of Finance in the fall of 2019, I flew from Hong Kong to Delhi and spent three weeks attempting — unsuccessfully — to obtain a visa to enter the country.
  • And in the coming weeks, following the Taliban’s reconquest of the so-called graveyard of empires, there will be more refugees.
  • For example, as one senior Pakistani business executive with close political ties told me, when the Taliban, who are Sunni, were closing in on Kabul, men marking the day of Ashura in the Shia-dominated western provinces were allowed to march openly in an apparent sign that local Taliban commanders had grown tolerant.
  • Pakistan, meanwhile, has spent recent years, building a fence covering 90% of its 2,600 kilometer shared border with Afghanistan.
  • © APTo be sure, both Pakistan and Afghanistan have changed in recent years.

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