Pandemic turns ‘Iron Silk Road’ into China-Europe trade artery

pandemic turns iron silk road into china europe trade artery

Sumary of Pandemic turns ‘Iron Silk Road’ into China-Europe trade artery:

  • TOKYO/CHONGQING, China — What began as a 19th century mode of transportation to deliver 21st products — delivering laptops built in China to European markets on trains — has evolved into a vital cargo link between the two continents..
  • And the major disruptions to maritime and air logistics chains due to the coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated the importance of China Railway Express as a cheaper and quicker alternative to ship everything from cars to household goods from China to Europe..
  • The railway, which first began operating roughly a decade ago, has now become the backbone of China’s Belt and Road infrastructure initiative..
  • Chinese logistics provider SF Holding began chartering cargo planes from Japan to carry electronics parts and household items to various destinations in China..
  • It now charters one to five flights a week on four routes, including between Osaka and the Chinese cities of Shenzhen, Wuhan and Changsha..
  • Meanwhile, Japanese global logistics company Nippon Express leases space on the China Railway Express to transport appliances, auto parts and other products made by Japanese and European companies in China to Europe….

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