Myanmar, a violent tale of two governments

myanmar a violent tale of two governments

Sumary of Myanmar, a violent tale of two governments:

  • 1.”We have to initiate a nationwide uprising in every village, town and city in the entire country,” he said, urging civil servants to abandon their posts and ethnic armed groups as well as pro-NUG fighters, known as People’s Defense Forces, to target the military regime’s assets and security forces.
  • “The declaration completed the dramatic transformation of a movement that emerged more than three decades ago in the turbulent days of Myanmar’s 1988 uprising, when several thousand people were killed by security forces under Gen.
  • Amid the savage campaign by the regime’s security forces to stamp out even mild forms of dissent, the protest movement has seen a radical shift toward a more militant approach in the NLD and its offshoot, the NUG.
  • “Many NLD loyalists claim Aung San Suu Kyi is still the ultimate inspiration and the country’s leader while some younger activists and radicals might suggest she is no longer relevant unless she toes the line of this new revolutionary movement.
  • In blitzkrieg raids, security forces detained Aung San Suu Kyi, President Win Myint and senior members of the government and ruling NLD.
  • General Assembly, when Myanmar’s permanent representative Kyaw Moe Tun denounced the military and urged the U.N.
  • 1 military takeover, before flashing a three-fingered salute.
  • 9 began using live ammunition to shoot protesters, anti-regime forces began marshaling resources.

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