Market’s correcting, are you positioned right?

markets correcting are you positioned right

Sumary of Market’s correcting, are you positioned right?:

  • “We are fortunate to be in a situation where some cyclically positive elements coming through can drive economic growth.
  • New cycles are emerging and can drive economic growth for the next three-five years.
  • After the big runup, the Indian market was looking expensive and hence had a greater vulnerability to a correction.
  • The news point coming in from overseas markets and incremental data — how are you putting it all in perspective?
  • It was actually the base that some variants will keep coming and troubling us but the important thing to remember is that we also have vaccines which have been proven to be quite effective and it is not like we are as vulnerable as we were earlier.
  • But the markets were priced to perfection and that is where some of these vulnerabilities expose markets to downside risk and that is what has been happening.
  • There were a lot of 10-20% corrections even during the 2003 to 2008 economic expansion which everybody is drawing parallels too.
  • We would continue to add on to financials because if we are looking at a long term positive economic cycle, financials is a proven way of playing that.

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