Ladakh’s pashmina-goat-rearing nomads are dwindling

ladakhs pashmina goat rearing nomads are dwindling

Sumary of Ladakh’s pashmina-goat-rearing nomads are dwindling:

  • Nov 25th 2021KHARNAK AND KHARNAKLINGCITY LIFE is easy, scoffs Tsetan Paljor, whirling a prayer wheel as he sits by a stream where, on a little island, three crimson-robed lamas snooze.
  • City people don’t have the stresses we have, he says: are the goats eating enough?
  • Kashmir and made the two new “union territories” ruled directly from Delhi, the capital of India.
  • One answer is prayer: the napping lamas are visiting because the locals are in the middle of a week’s worth of chanting to the Buddha.
  • The youngest adult member of the tribe is 28. Most are in their 60s.
  • Outward migration started about 15 years ago, says Mr Paljor, when young people started leaving to study in Leh, Ladakh’s biggest town, some 150km away.
  • ”GoaterdämmerungNor is it just the young who are moving to the city.

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