International Coffee Day: Feel tired all the time? Try taking a coffee nap

international coffee day feel tired all the time try taking a coffee nap

Sumary of International Coffee Day: Feel tired all the time? Try taking a coffee nap:

  • That’s because it helps to boost energy levels, largely due to its effect on adenosine, a chemical that is believed to promote sleep.
  • But when you sleep, these levels slowly and steadily decline.
  • According to a study titled Caffeine and Adenosine published by the National Library of Medicine, coffee before a nap is likely to boost energy levels.
  • In a nutshell, sleep boosts the effects of coffee, by increasing the availability of receptors for caffeine in your brain.
  • Also, read: Black tea or black coffee: A clinical nutritionist talks about the healthier optionHOW DO YOU TIME YOUR COFFEE INTAKE AND NAPS?Timing is of essence, if you want to try a coffee nap.
  • According to a study titled Suppression of sleepiness in drivers: a combination of caffeine with a short nap, the best way to take a coffee nap is to have coffee right before falling asleep (about 15-20 minutes before that).
  • Limiting coffee naps to about 30 minutes or under is beneficial, else you may fall into a deep sleep called slow-wave sleep.
  • If you wake up during that stage, it can lead to sleep inertia, which is a state of drowsiness.

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