Financial literacy: Catch them young

financial literacy catch them young

Sumary of Financial literacy: Catch them young:

  • Tech-savvy investors The growth of the last one crore on the BSE is phenomenal, as it came in just four-and-half months whereas it took almost two years to move from five to six crore investors and close to three years from four to five crore UCC investors..
  • the investor population is very young, In all, 62 per cent of the investors are less than 40 years of age, of that 24 per cent fall between 20 and 30 years..
  • Though these statistics indicate rising awareness of capital markets, it would be helpful for the whole system if the new entrants come in with essential knowledge on the building blocks of investments and the risks involved in investing..
  • Investor awareness SEBI, mutual funds, broking houses and exchanges regularly conduct investor awareness programmes but most of them are done by mandate..
  • Besides, most such events talk about successful investors or stock picking but rarely talk about current trends or context..
  • The Michigan Technological University also offers scholarship programmes for the winners (decided by portfolio returns) and prize money….

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