EY, Ficci identify 600 ‘shovel-ready’ projects with potential for Rs 6 lakh cr investment, 1.5 m …

ey ficci identify 600 shovel ready projects with potential for rs 6 lakh cr investment 1 5 million new jobs

Sumary of EY, Ficci identify 600 ‘shovel-ready’ projects with potential for Rs 6 lakh cr investment, 1.5 million new jobs:

  • A joint report by industry representatives, global consultancy firm EY and industry lobby Ficci has identified over 600 ‘shovel-ready’ low carbon investment opportunities in India with huge potential for post-pandemic economic recovery and job creation..
  • The identified projects have a potential for nearly Rs 6 lakh crore of investments and the capacity to create around 1.5 million new jobs..
  • The identified areas include utility scale renewable energy power generation, rooftop solar PV deployment, decentralised RE power generation, original RE equipment manufacturing, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure..
  • The report claims to have presented, for the first time, an assessment of what is at stake in terms of the economic development, capital mobilisation, self-reliance, jobs and environment in each of the critical thematic areas of low carbon infrastructure..
  • “The shovel-ready projects identified have the desired potential to create social, environmental and economic value in the immediate future,”.
  • The report urged the policy makers to reflect on the urgency of the challenges posed by Covid-19 and leverage on the existing clean energy programmes for quick economic recovery….

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