Why You Should Consider This Blue-Chip Dividend Stock for Your Portfolio

why you should consider this blue chip dividend stock for your portfolio

Sumary of Why You Should Consider This Blue-Chip Dividend Stock for Your Portfolio:

  • As dividend investors can attest, it’s important to pick the right stocks for your diversified portfolio to ensure success in the long run.
  • What are some of the traits solid dividend stocks typically possess?
  • The best ones consistently grow their revenue and earnings per share (EPS), have strong balance sheets, and maintain low payout ratios.
  • Rowe Price Group records an impressive third quarter The company narrowly missed analysts’ revenue and non-GAAP (adjusted) EPS estimates in the third quarter.
  • Rowe Price met or exceeded analysts’ expectations for revenue and adjusted EPS in 10 consecutive quarters leading up to the third quarter.
  • Rowe Price reported $1.95 billion in net revenue during the third quarter, 22.5% higher than the year-ago period.
  • So, despite falling 1% short of the $1.97 billion in revenue that analysts forecast, the company is still growing very quickly.
  • Thanks to continued appreciation in equity markets over the past year, the company’s average assets under management (AUM) grew 27.5% year over year to $1.65 trillion in the third quarter.

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