Why Rekor Systems Stock Was Down Today

why rekor systems stock was down today

Sumary of Why Rekor Systems Stock Was Down Today:

  • What happened Traffic monitoring and analytics company Rekor Systems (NASDAQ:REKR) has been moving the business in the right direction, but the stock of late has been stuck in reverse.
  • The company’s shares fell nearly 10% on Wednesday as investors contemplate how long it will take for some of its growth initiatives to pay off.
  • So what Rekor makes license plate recognition systems and traffic monitoring devices.
  • Traffic and congestion are of concern everywhere, and there is a lot of potential for Rekor products and services that provide real-time data and insights designed to make roads safer and improve flow.
  • After Wednesday’s fall, Rekor is still up 21.6% for the year, about 2 percentage points ahead of the S&P 500. On Tuesday, Rekor held an investor day highlighting the promise of its tech, but based on the stock’s reaction, investors are not sold on the company being able to capture it.
  • In many cases, making existing roads work better is a more affordable option than building new ones, and Rekor should benefit.

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