Why Moderna Topped the Market Today

why moderna topped the market today

Sumary of Why Moderna Topped the Market Today:

  • What happened With COVID-19 variants grabbing headlines worldwide, coronavirus stocks are again landing on the radar screens of investors.
  • The biotech company has signed on to provide 20 million doses of its mRNA-1273 coronavirus vaccine and its updated variant booster vaccine (if authorized for use) in 2022. This will quadruple the 5 million it is obligated to supply the island nation this year.
  • On Tuesday, it divulged that Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and Takeda Pharmaceutical will take delivery of 50 million additional doses of the vaccine and, provisionally, the booster, in 2022. That doubles the 50 million already agreed for this year.
  • Now what While Moderna frequently makes the headlines as the maker of one of only three coronavirus vaccines authorized for use in the U.S., mRNA-1273 has the green light in many other jurisdictions around the world, too.
  • The resurgence of COVID-19 isn’t only a U.S. problem, it’s a global issue;

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