What Americans Say About Rising Prices This Thanksgiving

what americans say about rising prices this thanksgiving

Sumary of What Americans Say About Rising Prices This Thanksgiving:

  • By Cara Ding, Steven Kovac, Jackson Elliott, Michael Sakal, Allan Stein and Jannis Falkenstern of Epoch TimesOn the verge of celebrating Thanksgiving with her family, Melissa Ngo wasn’t happy after her grocery shopping trip.
  • She’s now having to shop at three different grocery stores—Giant Eagle, Marc’s, and Aldi—to find the lowest prices.
  • The main thing I’ve noticed at the grocery store that has gone up in price [is] U.S. meat.
  • Melissa Ngo, of Lakewood, Ohio, loads groceries into her car at the Giant Eagle grocery store in Lakewood on Nov.
  • Kathy Ellison and Allen Van Houten of Lakewood load up their car with groceries at the Giant Eagle grocery store in Lakewood on Nov.
  • “We’re going to three different grocery stores because we’re having trouble finding stuff,” Ellison told The Epoch Times.
  • She had just loaded a cart full of groceries into her car outside of the Giant Eagle.
  • Although she has seen at least a 20-percent increase in her grocery bill from 2020, she said her family won’t have to cut back.

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