Checking In on Lemonade, Spotify, and Etsy

checking in on lemonade spotify and etsy

Sumary of Checking In on Lemonade, Spotify, and Etsy:

  • Tune in to this episode of Industry Focus: Tech for breakdowns with host Dylan Lewis and Motley Fool contributor Jason Hall on Spotify’s (NYSE:SPOT) ad business, why Lemonade’s (NYSE:LMND) not taking Jason on as a customer was a good thing, and how Etsy (NASDAQ:ETSY) is keeping e-commerce crafty.
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  • Jason, stepping away from his computer, making it back just in the nick of time, how are you doing?
  • I think our listeners on the podcasts are going to notice a consistent up into the right improvement of the quality of my participation in the show as my coffee intake increases over the next half hour.
  • Lewis: If you don’t like Jason now, just wait 20 minutes until the caffeine really hits.
  • Particularly with this first one we’re going to talk about Jason, Lemonade.
  • I was a customer first before I initiated the position, but I had a similar approach there, Jason, where I said I’m in a position where I’m going to be renting for a little bit.
  • But that’s only attractive for expansion purposes if they’re able to properly underwrite and maintain all of their standards, not spread themselves too thin because as we know, Jason, when the tide goes out, particularly in a business like insurance, it can be pretty destructive if you’re not maintaining good standards.

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