This New Chase Credit Card Lowers Your APR Automatically

this new chase credit card lowers your apr automatically

Sumary of This New Chase Credit Card Lowers Your APR Automatically:

  • For years, Chase credit cards have been synonymous with big rewards and premium travel.
  • But the new Chase Slate Edge℠ Chase Slate Edge℠ is changing all that.
  • That’s because the Chase Slate Edge℠ isn’t for rewards maximizers or travel lovers.
  • In lieu of rewards, the Chase Slate Edge℠ offers a variety of features that can help you pay down debt and build credit, including multiple ways to lower your interest fees and save money.
  • Automatically reduce your APR with regular useThe most remarkable feature of the new Chase Slate Edge℠ card is its unusual APR structure.
  • Save instantly with intro offersIn addition to the option for lowering your APR each year, the Chase Slate Edge℠ has a few money-saving options specifically for new cardholders.
  • For one, you’ll instantly save on interest fees with an intro-APR offer that’s good on both new purchases and balance transfers.
  • This offer means you’ll pay 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 months.

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