The new geopolitics of fragility: Russia, China, and the mounting challenge for peacebuilding

the new geopolitics of fragility russia china and the mounting challenge for peacebuilding

Sumary of The new geopolitics of fragility: Russia, China, and the mounting challenge for peacebuilding:

  • Competing investments from foreign interests in fragile states can undermine countries’ long term economic and financial sustainability, while ill-conceived security support arrangements can weaken the governance of the security and justice sector in these countries.
  • All while mounting tensions at the United Nations Security Council and other global and regional institutions reduce or impede the international community’s ability to prevent the escalations of conflict and support accountability.
  • These countries, and the West, all adopt different strategies and approaches based on their capabilities and strategic economic and security interests — often, in deep contradiction with one another.
  • China has a more elaborate strategy that defined by longer-term economic and security interests.
  • It is vital for China to open market and investments opportunities while building up its security in the Pacific, and to ensure secure trading routes.
  • Beijing puts considerable resources behind its strategy, as the very ambitious Belt and Road Initiative illustrates.
  • Countries like Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia have more regional ambitions that are connected to their own security, ideological views, and economic opportunism.

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