The IRS just disbursed 2.2 million more $1400 stimulus payments, but it mostly went to recent tax fi …

the irs just disbursed 2 2 million more 1400 stimulus payments but it mostly went to recent tax filers

Sumary of The IRS just disbursed 2.2 million more $1400 stimulus payments, but it mostly went to recent tax filers:

  • The IRS just disbursed 2.2 million additional stimulus payments.
  • The majority of these payments went to taxpayers whose information was not previously filed with the IRS. These delayed payments are being gradually distributed amid large tax return backlogs.
  • Another 2.2. million Americans will start receiving $1400 stimulus checks this week.
  • The third round of stimulus payments, meant to help people who lost income or work during the coronavirus pandemic, is worth over $4 billion, according to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • The majority of the 2.2 million payments went to eligible individuals who did not previously file information with the IRS for an Economic Impact Payment, but have since filed a tax return.
  • In March, as part of President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan, some Americans began receiving the $1400 stimulus checks, on top of federal and state unemployment if they were eligible.
  • Individuals who received stimulus payment in March due to their 2019 tax return, but have since met the requirements for new payments with their 2020 tax returns, can also receive stimulus funds.

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