The Biggest Sports Data Firm Is Now Public. What You Need to Know About Sportradar.

the biggest sports data firm is now public what you need to know about sportradar

Sumary of The Biggest Sports Data Firm Is Now Public. What You Need to Know About Sportradar.:

  • *** ONE-TIME USE *** Sportradar IPO Courtesy of Nasdaq You can now bet in two dozen states, and in more than half of them, you can bet online or on your phone.
  • Another way to bet on the growth in sports betting appeared Tuesday with the Nasdaq debut of data vendor Sportradar Group (SRAD).
  • The Swiss company’s revenues were three-times those of Genius’s in the first half of 2021, and unlike Genius, Sportradar has consistently reported profits.
  • After opening at $27, Sportradar stock slipped 7% to close at $25. Disseminating the results of 83 different kinds of sports, on behalf of over 150 leagues in 120 countries, Sportradar grew its revenue at more than 25% a year annually in the past five years.
  • And its marquee investors include the team-owners Ted Leonsis.
  • “We are a software play,” Sportradar chief executive Carsten Koerl told Barron’s, “And we are selling, now, the biggest portfolio of data around the world.
  • ” At its initial offering, Sportradar was valued at $8 billion, or 12-times the annualized level of the $321 million in revenue that it had in this year’s first half.
  • On those revenues, Sportradar earned about $65 million before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (adjusted for one-time items), and net profits of $21 million.

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